Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat

Many of us having the same problem in their weight loss program. People complaint that their overall body fat is getting reduced but the belly fat it is not getting reduced after following so many things.
Hitting Gym and performing weight loss activities is itself looks like difficult task for many of the people.
Now I am going to provide few exercises which anyone can perform into their home for reducing their belly fat.
(Of course, only doing these exercises will definitely help with diet also plays an important role, take a watch on that.

1. Running or walking:

  • Running is considered as one of the best cardio exercises which can be performed for loosing belly fat. As you run or walk, it will not only helps in burning fat but also provides every body movement, which is very necessary for better result. Requires least equipment i.e. pair of shoes.


2.Bicycle Exercise:

  • Bicycling exercise is ranked for one of the best exercises for loosing belly fat and making legs stronger. Bicycling exercise again it depends on individual capacity and intensity which with a person can burn their body fat.
  • It also helps is providing inhaling fresh oxygen.
  • Regular bicycle activity makes person too active in any of daily routine activities.


3. Burpee

  • Burpee is a comes under full body strength exercise, with every rep in this exercise you are providing full work on your arms, Triceps, Biceps, Chest, Quads, Glutes, hamstrings and core abs.
  • It is single explosive exercise which gives an intense workout to your body right from top head to toe.
  • Again, it depends on person level of practice and efficiency at each minute. Normally 10-20 most of the people perform burpee in per min of time.


4. Crunches

  • Crunches are the core exercise specially designed to train abs muscles. Nothing beats crunches exercise in making flat stomach. There are various types of crushes exercise as follows on regular basis.
    1. Twist Crunches
    2. Side Crunch
    3. Reverse Crunch
    4. Vertical Leg Crunch
    5. Bicycle Exercise
    6. Rolling plank Exercise


5. Mountain Climber:

  • Keeping your body straight and stable makes this exercise more effective. This exercise is replica of mountain climber which really works for abs muscles.
  • Mountain Climber exercise also reduces the belly fat around the waist.


(Note: With these exercises it is necessary to control on your diet, which reduces belly fat removal process in no time. So please follow best diet practices which are required to remove belly fat.)

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