In today’s Digital World every work is getting digitized and physical work, activities are becoming outdated from our life. Most of the time for seating in front of laptop or desktop without break is necessary to carry important work. This causes no physical movement for hours and hours. So, this increases the negligence of our physical health. Because of nonphysical or inactive lifestyle causes people to suffer from various health issues.

So, it is more essential that we need to implement few things so that while performing our work we can also take care of physical health.

Our body needs a complete blood circulation so that it functions properly. Body is a particular or same position without much physical movement leads to several health issues as mentioned below.

Cardiovascular Health Issues: Continuous sitting for long working hours leads to increase in High Blood Pressure and elevated blood Cholesterol. This makes an increase in the risk of Cardiovascular complications.

Risk of Diabetics condition:

It is also related to the obesity, the scientific reason behind this is if a person is sitting for long working hours, cells which are present in our body does not respond to insulin produced by our pancreas. Results in more insulin released by pancreases, and thus it is responsible for diabetic condition

Muscle Degeneration:

Inactive lifestyle makes or develop hyper lordosis which is the condition of lumbar lordosis. This is due to increased curve of lower or lumbar spine. In this condition lower back will put more pressure on the entire back. Some of the other reason behind is because of weak core muscle, weak gluten muscles, tight hip flexors and poor forms during exercises.

Leg Disorder:

Long sitting hours leads to impact on blood flow in the legs, causing fluid to puddle in the legs. Which makes deep vein thrombosis.

Increase Stress Level:

When our muscles are in motion our body releases the stress relieving hormones which makes you feel happy. Body receives extra oxygen and blood flow while doing exercise. Therefore, when person sits for long working hours this reduces blood flow and leads to increase in stress level.

Imbalance in Spinal Structure.

In this case also long working hours makes in imbalance in spine. Normally it includes disc damage, inflexible spine, strained neck, Pain in Shoulder and back.

Things needs to be done to avoid these issues.

Yoga: Performing yoga on daily basis increases body flexibility, and increase blood flow.


Regular Break: Instead of sitting continuously, regular interval break will improve you blood circulation. Take five-minute stroll for every one hour.


Stretching Exercise: Stretching your arms and legs every hour will also help in increasing blood flow. Whenever you at home stretch hip flexors every morning or evening for five minutes per side.


Improved Sitting posture: Sitting in upright position without crouching. Also try to get good back rest on flat surface on the floor.


Neck Exercises: Simple exercise will help, keeping neck position straight and moving neck tilting exercises towards shoulder will improve neck movement.

There are several exercises which are recommended to avoid these issues which will discussed in next article.

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