Packed Juices and Its Reality

Packaged Juice concepts came into existence for providing packed fruit juice for all seasons. Many of us think that instead of purchasing carbonated drinks, packed juices are a good option for them. As they consider they will get benefited with all fruit juice nutritional values.  But its time to think that are packed juices healthy option? Most of packed juices nutritional value indicates that it has loads of vitamins and minerals.


Many people think its best and healthiest option to buy packed tetra packs of juice, but unfortunately, that is a sad truth.

Below are the facts which you need to consider before buying any packed juice.

  • We think we can store these juice cans for a longer, but we need to understand the process behind making this juice can with longer shelf life.The packed juice involves heat process where the essential vitamins and other beneficial nutrients will get lost.
  • Packaged juices are low in fiber or without fiber and high in fructose in it because of this, after consuming this juice, there will instantly spike in insulin. This may invite for a diabetic condition.
  • Compare to natural fruits this juice contains added flavors and sugars; this again makes the worst situation and creates diabetes.
  • Many brands mention that it does not contain any preservatives. But factually no chemical means no oxygen. The fruit’s juice will go under a specific process called de-oxidation where the oxygen content from the fluid is removed. This will lose or deteriorate all its essential properties and their nutritional values.
  • Packed juices contain high sugar and calorie, and this is very high as compare to fresh homemade fruit juice.

There are some brands available in the market which provide these juices with pulp. But we know natural fruit pulp contains fibers in it. So, we need to alert while buying those brands and need to check its nutritional value on the product there if you do not found fiber percentage then it’s not a natural pulp.

Also, it is recommended that we should drink not corn syrup juice, again those are hard actioned juices.

All these processed juices will make you weight watchers all the time. So be careful and alert while buying any packaged juice canes.

Packed juices that have patulin in them indicate that poor quality of fruits has been used to make that juice.


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